Zimbabwe Man Grows Giant B00bs After Being Sucked For Milk By Giant Snake


Zimbabwe have reported that a man from Cross Dete in Hwange District has developed unusually large breasts after being milked every night by a mysterious creature believed to be a snake.

Man develops giant breasts after being sucked by a giant snake every night

The man who sought help from Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, the leader and founder of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church based in Bulawayo, believes he developed sagging breasts because he was bewitched.

The man who participated in one of Madzibaba Mutumwa’s cleansing ceremonies, described the bizarre chain of events that led to the growth of his breasts, causing him to resort to wearing oversized clothing in an attempt to hide them.

He said his breasts started growing after he felt an unusual sensation on his chest. To his disbelief, his breasts continued to grow, and he claimed that a giant strange creature, possibly a snake, sucks milk from them every night. Adding to the eerie circumstances, he described experiencing a phantom touch and pressure against his skin during these nocturnal encounters, which felt as if someone was penetrating him from behind.

Bishop Mutumwa who confirmed the astonishing incident in an interview with B-Metro, affirmed that the man had indeed fallen victim to witchcraft. The Archbishop explained that the man felt a presence engaging in intimate relations with him, indicating that a family member had cast a spell on him.

The cleric said: “It’s true that he came for help and from the way he was narrating how they are being sucked for milk at night by a snake, it was clear that he was bewitched. The fact that he also felt another man sleeping with him from the back makes it clear that someone from his family cast a spell on him.”

The Archbishop assured that through his prayers, the man would be healed, and his s@*gging br£asts would vanish. He further mentioned that he had assisted numerous individuals who had approached his shrine with similar issues.