2020 New Living Expo: Tools for Transformation


We love the New Living Expo in the San Francisco Bay Area and are a proud media partner every year. Why do we keep returning? Because it brings together holistic living, wellness, spirituality and consciousness all under one roof.

Now in its 19th year, the 2020 New Living Expo is the largest event of its kind in Northern California.  The Expo includes three full days of fascinating lectures, workshops and a marketplace of over 170 vendors offering new developments in nutrition, brain enhancement, sustainable living, anti-aging products, bodywork, unique attire, creative jewelry, crystals and more.

The speaker line-up is always top notch with names like Marianne Williamson, Deborah King, Michael Beckwith, John Gray, Kimberly Meredith, Andrew Collins, Laura Eisenhower, Dannion Brinkley, Freddy Silva, Michael Ventura, Dan Sheehan and others.

We love how many booths there are that span in so many different directions — from products to protect you from EMFs, Lifetron Technology to help with anxiety and depression, far infrared saunas, devices to help you sleep, meditate and relax to nutrients, supplements, energy drinks, natural food and drinks. There’s also clothes, crystal bowls (my favorite — it’s a huge booth and Crystal Tones comes to life here) and there’s no shortage of great deals on gemstones and crystals as well.

Experiential: Get Moving & Breathe

They have an experiential sessions so you can move your body with yoga or Qigong.  And, outside you can hang out on the grass, drop down your own yoga mat and take a nap if you’d like. New Living Expo continues to educate, entertain, and empower with a myriad of things to sample and experience. Each booth is a visual wonderland. And, an audio wonderland too.

Sound for Healing & Entertainment

Did we mention music? We are huge believers in sound as a healing modality — Crystal Tones as mentioned above is there every year with a big booth — you’ll have a hard time leaving the show without one of your own. Be sure to check back next month when we publish our extensive feature on sound healing. Plus, our buddy David Gibson will be talking about sound healing as a way to raise consciousness. He goes pretty deep with insights into vibrations and how sound can help with pain, disease, ADD/ADHD, autism, PTSD, depression, grief and more.

This year, in the lawn and food court area, there will be plenty of music for entertainment as well. They will be playing music all weekend with folks like Robert Perala and the Beautiful Blue Sky, Deva Seva Band and Daniel Paul Nelson and Christina Musameci to name a few. From TransDance and African to new age, pop and rock, they’ve got you covered.

Insights, Knowledge, Spiritual Expansion

You will find lectures, workshops, Special Events, and panels of best-selling authors and leaders in their fields of health, consciousness, spirituality, and science. They also have book signings after many speaker presentations — Marianne Williamson is there every year and will be again this year. While there’s plenty of exhibitors, its still small enough to bump into her and other leading speakers.

Some of the lectures include enlightenment and healing in the techeolithic age with Guy Harriman, spiritual purification with Phillip Wilson, Past Lives with Lai Ubberud, Healing yourself naturally with molecular hydrogen with Peter Goodgold (yes, really), tapping into your clairvoyant psychic abilities with Dr. Christian Toren, Healing your gut with Dr. Steven Feig, Chakras, Numbers and Planets with Dr. Ravi Ratan, the power of your thoughts with Sanjay Nimar, surviving a near death experience with Cathy Gabrielsen and the Science of Oneness with Dr. Rulin Xiu.

More on ascension and awakening will come from folks like Tracey Ash who will address flipping timelines and the false matrix, Ascension and the Sacred Stand with Elizabeth Wilcock and Alex Mazzone who will speak on breaking down dimensions. Also, Debra Giusti will moderate an ascension panel with John Burgos Meg Benedicte., Tracey Ash, Alexa Person, Laura Eisenhower, and Liselot Bergen.

Then there’s entrepreneurship and spirituality with Cheryl Pierce, stepping into consciousness with Dennis Adams, energy, longevity and avoiding diseases with Bernd Friedlander, keeping our brains healthy, the Akashic Records with Lisa Bartlett, avoiding cognitive decline with Lori Grace and more.

There will also be meditations as well as both paid and free workshops over the course of the three days. Also, new this year is their Conscious Cannabis Summit, which will feature influential activist Mara Gordon (featured in “Weed The People”) and other influencers from the Cannabis world.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the Northern California Recycling Association and the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability present “Climate Change & You”, a special day of practical steps toward a healthier planet on Sunday, April 5th.

The exhibit hall hours run from Friday 3-9 pm, Saturday from 10-8 pm and Sunday from 11-7 pm.

It will be held at the San Mateo Event Center at 1346 Saratoga Drive in San Mateo, California. Visit their website for more information including how to get tickets.

Renee Blodgett


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