Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia


Other FAQ About How Many Days to Spend in Cartagena

Is Cartagena worth visiting?

Regardless of how many days in Cartagena you end up spending, Cartagena is absolutely worth visiting. If the ornate, colonial architecture of the old town doesn’t charm you, the location along the Caribbean and day trips out to paradise islands will. Moreover, Cartagena is a jumping-off point for journeys to Tayrona National Park, one of Colombia’s natural jewels.

What is the best time to go to Cartagena, Colombia?

The weather is best in Cartagena from December to April, which is the window outside the active tropical season in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Seas. Shoulder months like May and November are also good choices. A slightly higher risk of hurricanes or tropical storms should pay off well compared to lighter crowds and lower costs.

Should I visit Medellin or Cartagena?

I might be the only American millennial who says this, but I vastly prefer Cartagena over Medellin—and not just because of how much I prefer balmy beach air over chilly mountain breezes. Cartagena is all around more beautiful, and what it lacks in cool co-working spaces, it makes up for with an authentic and genuinely multicultural feel with which Medellin simply can’t compete.

The Bottom Line

No matter how many days in Cartagena you have, this magnificent city is worth all the hype it’s generated. Whether you spend two, three or 4 days in Cartagena, the mixture of history, scenery and culture on offer in and around the hub of Colombia’s Caribbean coast is intoxicating, particularly if your Cartagena itinerary part of a larger Colombia trip.

Source: weblogtheworld.com