Spangler Nigeria Launches First Online Tradefair In The World


By Adenike Fagbemi

In a bid to provide an online market place convenient enough for entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond to make sales from their comfort zone, Mrs Purit Abhulumhen, Founder of Spangler Market and Vent online market place has launched the 3rd Edition of Spangler Online Trade fair.

The Online tradefair is set to kick off February Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th 2020 via the Facebook page of the Market Spangler Market & Vents Square.

While speaking with pressmen, the Executive Director of Spangler disclosed what prompted to set up an online market platform where people can sell and buy anything and get them delivered to their choice locations.

“I started planning states trade fairs to support my clients easily access the markets with their products while also getting more visibility” she says.

“But at the end of the day we concluded that we can do better without spending money unnecessarily just to get buyers to come and buy,” she explains

“In the quest of searching for something different, the idea of an online market place was conceived,” the young entrepreneur adds.

She went further to note that she was inspired to establish her business owing to the constant frustration experienced by SMEs when trying to sell their products.

It is apt to note that since Purit launched her online trade fair in October 2019, she has had over 300 vendors’ showcasing their products and has held two editions of it and currently planning for the third.

Speaking on the upcoming third edition of her online trade fair, Purit urges buyers to take advantage of the opportunity to shop at discounted prices.

“Sure this 3rd edition won’t be the same as the vendors have improved on their social marketing skills, and buyers should expect amazing price slash and gifts form sellers,” she says.

“Participants should expect great sales because the market has increased in numbers compared to when we had the first and second edition,” she adds.

The communicator-turned-entrepreneur has had over 148, 000 SMEs participated in the online fairs held by her organisation.

Purity started her business small from her savings, from family and friends.

The business has expanded since starting and has continued to grow its return on equity consistently.

Answering questions on how she was able to convenience vendors to showcase their products, Purity says it was quite difficult at first as most on them found it strange.

“When I introduced it some vendors in sounded weird, but I had to teach them on how to go about it and also teach buyers how to visit vendors stand from the comfort of their homes,” she explains.

“The most interesting part is that vendors on the platform are from different states in the country and countries of the world,” she says.

In the same vein, she advises brands that are yet to utilise the online fair to sell their products to take advantage of the third edition, saying that the platform also gives brands visibility.

“These days visibility is very expensive. Having to show yourself and your services to over 147,000 people is a wise business decision entrepreneurs should never miss,” she says.

“Through time, vendors have shared testimonies of how they have made huge money from the comfort of their homes and this alone warms my heart,” she adds.

On the challenges limiting the business, the young entrepreneur says that huge infrastructural gaps have remained the major challenge facing the business.

She calls on the Federal Government to provide the needed infrastructure for businesses to thrive.

She also urges governments at all levels to support small businesses with grants and capacity building.