18-year-old Egyptian girl commits suicide, leaves note


An 18-year-old Egyptian girl identified as Fatima, committed suicide by jumping from the 8th floor in Zagazig city, Al Sharqeiya Governorate, Egypt, due to the psychological stress said to be caused by her father.

“Forgive me…No one loved me!” These were last words of Fatima.

The security authorities initiated investigations into the incident as soon as a report forwarded, stating that a girl named Fatima committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of a residential towers in the city of Zagazig. She died on the spot, the authorities confirmed.

The preliminary investigations revealed that there were differences between the girl and her father. This was found out through his negative comments to her posts and her replies on her accounts on social networking websites.

Fatima, whose suicide caused great grief among Egyptians, has been writing about death through her Facebook account, asking her friends to pray for her and forgive her.

A few weeks ago, she wrote her will, asking everyone to remember her and forgive her. Her friends published pictures, showing her father’s disrespect for the matter, as he replied, “God Willing”, which caused great anger among the victim’s friends.

The victim previously shared a Facebook post, showing her father’s comment on a picture of her saying: “May God take you and relieve the world from you.”

“This is the most person, who made me sick, may God forgive him. I don’t know what to say, but I’m not good because of you, Dad,” she replied.

Immediately, before her suicide, the victim wrote her message, asking for forgiveness and praying for her, saying, “I have endured many things beyond my capacity. I tried to be good in everyone’s life. I did not deserve all such psychological harm, and I always say, “Thank God.”

She added, “I literally have no more power to bear any more harm. I hope that you will forgive me and pray for me, and this is my last wish.”

She also expressed her yearning for her siblings and wished she could see them, asking them to keep remembering her.

She concluded, “I wasn’t alive anyway. No one took care of me; however, I was taking care of everyone. I loved all the people, but no one loved me. So I decided to leave, may God make up for me.”

The police continued the investigations to uncover the circumstances of the incident.
People expressed their anger on social media, blaming the girl’s father for her suicide, because of bullying her a lot, and rebuke her all the time.

Others reported that the girl’s father emphasized that he sought his daughter’s interest by pressuring her, accusing bad friends of causing his daughter’s suicide.