20 Killed In Artillery Shelling Of Health Clinic


More than 20 people were killed and others injured in heavy artillery shelling of a health clinic north of Khartoum Bahri, where clashes are ongoing between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

A volunteer group, Samarab Neighborhood Commitee, confirmed that more than 20 civilians were killed when a shell fired by the RSF hit a health clinic attached to a mosque in the Al-Ahamda area of Samarab.

A statement by the Samarab neighbourhood committees said that some of the dead were unidentified and that the incident resulted in injuries of an unspecified number. The statement condemned the targeting of residential areas by the paramilitary group.

In the past week, deaths and injuries have increased as a result of mutual artillery and air bombardment between the Sudanese army and support forces in several areas of Omdurman, Khartoum, and Khartoum North.

A statement issued by Emergency Lawyers, an initiative of jurists concerned with monitoring violations, reported last Saturday that five civilians were killed in artillery shelling by the RSF that targeted the second neighbourhood in a suburb of Al-Thawra, north of Omdurman.

In comparison, three other civilians were killed in the bombing of an army march in the suburb of Umm Badda, west of Omdurman.

On the same day, the South Belt Emergency Room spokesman, Mohamed Kindsha, told Sudan Tribune that an army drone bombed the Mayo suburb south of Khartoum, leaving three dead and 17 wounded.

On September 28, at least ten people were killed and others injured in artillery shelling by the RSF that targeted a transport station in the Al-Jarafa area, north of Omdurman.