200 brands to experience facelift with BYB IV


About 200 participating entrepreneurs are set to discover insights to leverage on the social media at the fourth edition of the Boost Your Business Using Social Media Edition IV training.

The training session – scheduled to hold on Thursday, October 21 at Funcity in Ikorodu Garage- is powered by the fast-rising public relations organization, Nixxhash Communications.

Not less than 10 experts will be enlightening participants on the theme, ‘Reskilling and upskilling through social media’ through topics bordering on storytelling, sustainability and scaling up business.

Babatunde Enitan, the executive director of Tenitan Tech; Arinola Okeowo, CEO of Ultra Signatures; Michelle Edoreh, creative director of Hans & Gaby will be present as facilitators at the event.

Other coaches who will be present are; Engr. Oduwa Agboneni, CEO of Nenis Autocare; Olumide Idowu from International Climate Change Development Initiative; Adebisi Odeleye, Founder of Moore Organics; Barr ‘Jumoke Awe, CEO of Octo Group; Adegoke Kazeem, Senior Partner at Compliance Tracker & Trainers, and Deen Sanwoola, CEO of Neighbours Technologies Ltd

Speaking with our reporter, the creative director of Nixxhash Communications, Denike Fagbemi, praised business owners in Nigeria for standing against all odds to make their business thrive despite the effect of the pandemic and gaining relevance in the digital world.

She said, “During the Covid 19 pandemic, a lot of businesses felt they were going to sink but through time, they were able to find a new strategy to leverage on and bounce back even better than before.”

“A lot of businesses have found reasons to go online and get their business out there as they made use of social media, online space to give a reach to their businesses to make more sales.”

“This event is more like a re- endorsement as a lot of business owners over time are shying away from the use of social media but this event is a confirmation that social media has come to stay, it is either business is online or not alive”, she added.

In an interview with Solomon Archibong, who will be present as a facilitator at the event, he revealed that entrepreneurs in Nigeria need to identify the service they’re rendering to make headway.

He said, “Most businesses suffer for lack of understanding their core business, the problem they are solving, their customers and ways to monetize their services and products”

Mr. Solomon, a sales activation expert, who described social media as a “tool to help businesses reach their target market”, bemoaned the minimal exploitation of what it can offer in Nigeria’s economic development.

“Only a few businesses are currently using social media to the maximum. Our focus will therefore be to help them understand what amount of marketing can get them the result they seek through the social media.”

Another facilitator, Kehinde Olofintuyi, emphasized the benefit of network building, an opportunity the event will provide for entrepreneurs.

He said, “As business owners, it is imperative to note that your network determines your net worth.”

“This event should serve as an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and share ideas that can help boost businesses.”

Mr. Kehinde, who is the Head of Digital Strategy for the digital marketplace Adspace. ng, urged participants to garner much experience and insights as he stated that the facilitators will provide impactful sessions that will be beneficial to their business.

He said, “The event is so promising, merely looking at the facilitators and the undiluted impact-driven sessions.”

“I employ participants to be open-minded and as much as possible, learn from the expertise and experience of the facilitators relative to their business niche.”

Mrs. Denike, who is the convener of the event, urged business owners to “master the skills of storytelling and copywriting”, an action she described as key to sales turnout and household brand name establishment.

“Everyone is trying to build a business that will outlive them and that is why we are bringing onboard people that have been in business for a while and are thriving and stand the test of time likewise, building a household name that will outlive them.”

She said the session will feature a lawyer, IT professional, sales automation expert, an account, and task persons among the facilitators as they are needed to scale up businesses.

Also, there will be a mini-exhibition and stores have been made available for participants who want to display their services.

She announced that participants will also find value for time.