25 People killed in South Sudan communal land violence


At least 25 people have been killed in South Sudan on Tuesday, October 11, following the clash between the youths from two neighbouring communities in the country’s north over a disputed borderline separating their areas.

It was gathered that armed youths from the Twic community in Warrap state on the border with Sudan attacked residents of neighbouring Abyei town also on the border.

“That gun raid resulted into … 15 people who died from Twic side,” Ariech Mayar Ariech, a lawmaker representing Warrap State in the national parliament reportedly said.

It was reported that an additional 12 people were killed among the Abyei residents including two women and a child, Deng Ajak, a local administration official said.

Both sides disagreed over where the borderline separating the two communities lies, with each claiming the other is encroaching on their land, both officials explained.

“The situation is worrisome … It is very tense. There is too much hatred between these two sisterly communities,” Ariech stated.