33 African Countries In Need Of External Assistance For Food- FAO Warns


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has warned that a total of 45 countries and regions worldwide are in need of external assistance for food.

The FAO’s latest “Crop Prospects and Food Situation” report, which is published triannually, indicates that due to factors such as regional conflicts and adverse weather conditions, 45 countries and regions worldwide require external food assistance.

Among them, 33 are in Africa, nine in Asia, two in Latin America and the Caribbean, and one in Europe.

The report mentions that conflicts in the Near East Asia, and West and East Africa are exacerbating the alarming levels of food insecurity. Meanwhile, drought conditions are expected to worsen food insecurity in Southern Africa.
In Southern Africa, the outlook for grain production in 2024 has sharply declined due to sustained high temperatures and low precipitation, with no significant improvement in weather conditions expected in the coming months, the report said.

This report is based on information available as of February 2024.