38-year-old Man allegedly attempts to rape 11-year-old Girl


Shamishdin Osman Kalil, 38 was arrested after he allegedly attempted to have sex with an 11-year-old girl.

The girl told police that she had gone to Kalil’s shop only to buy a few items and would be delayed by the shopkeeper until late in the evening before locking the door before attempting to make sexual advances on the minor.

“The man delayed in serving her until she was the last person in the shop. He then pushed her into the corner, inside the shop and tried to have sex with her,” a security officer in Aweil said.

Luckily, the minor escaped and sought help from a police officer who was nearby.

“She was traumatised,” said the officer, adding that the girl was rushed to the hospital for counselling.

The incident took place on 15 January 2023.