99-Year-Old Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Uganda


A 99-year-old woman identified as Kizile Buladina has reportedly taken her own life by hanging in Namutumba district, located in eastern Uganda.

Buladina, who had been a resident of Kimanyilo village, was found dead inside her own house by a neighbor who grew concerned when she did not appear outside her house as usual. It was revealed that Buladina had been struggling with mobility issues due to her age.

The residents of Kimanyilo village forcefully opened Buladina’s house and immediately informed the local police authorities.

Mulondo Balikudembe, a resident in the area, expressed shock as Buladina was well taken care of by well-wishers in the community who provided her with meals and other necessities on a daily basis.

Balikudembe mentioned that Buladina appeared content and always greeted visitors with smiles, making it difficult for anyone to suspect any underlying mental health issues that may have led to her suicide.

Slyvia Tebigwayo, a women councillor in Ivukula sub-county, described Buladina as an open-minded elder who offered counsel to people of all ages with her wisdom and stories from ancient times, which attracted many visitors to her house.

Tebigwayo stated that despite the circumstances surrounding her death, the community has unanimously agreed to give Buladina a dignified burial in honor of her legacy.

According to Diana Nandawula, the spokesperson for Busoga East police, an autopsy will be conducted at Ivukula Health Centre III mortuary before Buladina’s body is released to the community for burial.

The authorities are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding Buladina’s tragic death.