About 90 People go missing in a month – Missing Children South Africa


Missing Children South Africa revealed that it roughly records between 60 and 90 missing people cases per month.

This comes as police in Bishop Lavis in Cape Town are searching for a two-month-old baby who was snatched from her pram at a retail store.

In another case, the daughter of the former Economic Freedom Fighters secretary-general Godrich Gardee has also been reported missing.

It is understood that she was last seen at a retail store in Nelspruit where she and her daughter went missing on Friday, her three-year-old child was found on the same day stranded on the street.

Missing Children South Africa’s Bianca Van Aswegan said people should report a missing person as soon as they can because in less than 48-hours a person can be human trafficked to another country.

“People still believe they need to wait 24hrs that does not exist. The quicker the case is reported the quicker action can be taken especially when it comes to children because the first 24hrs to 48hrs are crucial when a child goes missing. Especially with human trafficking, that has escalated in our country, and we have also been declared as a human trafficking hub by the US department of state”.