Abuja Magistrate sends lawyer to prison for interrupting and challenging his judgement


An Abuja Magistrate, Ibrahim Mohammed has reportedly ordered policemen at the court to arrest and handcuff a lawyer, Eburu Ekwe Barth, for challenging him on the summary of a case before the court yesterday, March 23.

Sahara Reporters disclosed that the magistrate was giving judgment on an application filed by an opposing counsel when he interjected. The lawyer’s ground of interjection was that the magistrate was ascribing what he never said to him in his ruling. The lawyer further queried whether there was a conspiracy between the magistrate and the plaintiff’s lawyer.

His interjection angered the magistrate and he immediately ordered his arrest and sentenced him for contempt. Pleas for mercy made by many lawyers present during the proceedings were ignored by the judge.

The lawyer was taken to Suleja Prison.