Alleged Infidelity: Wife cuts Husband’s Manhood


A woman identified as Given Chilufya has reportedly attempted to cut off her husband’s manhood, while he was asleep.

It was gathered that the woman has been tried and charged to three years imprisonment.

The court heard how Jimmy Ngulube, from Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia, woke up at midnight on August 4 with a sharp pain in his groin.

He saw his wife standing over him with a bloody knife and threatening to kill him.

Before they went to bed, Chilufya, 37, had accused her husband of cheating on her and this led to a blazing row. She had then woken up in the night and decided to take her revenge.

Jimmy, 43, called his brother who took him to the hospital where doctors managed to repair the worst of the damage.

Kapiri Mposhi Resident Magistrate, Arnold Kasongamulilo on Friday, August 26, in court, sentenced Chilufya to three years behind bars for unlawfully wounding her husband.