An elderly woman killed in a Cairo building’s partial collapse


A 3-storey residential building partially collapsed in Khalifa district, south of Cairo, killing a 70-year-old woman. Civil defence forces managed to rescue two injured people from under the rubble and continued searching for other survivors.

Five ambulances hurried to the location as the authorities evacuated the surrounding buildings as a precaution against further collapses.

According to preliminary investigations by the Cairo governorate, the building had a demolition order dating to 1990, which was never implemented.

This is the third residential building to collapse since Sunday in Egypt.

On Monday, a 13-storey building in Cairo’s Hadaeq El-Qubbah collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring five others.

Just hours before the collapse in Hadaeq El-Qubbah, another building collapsed in Alexandria, resulting in two deaths.

On Sunday, a seven-storey building in Rashid City, Behaira governorate, collapsed, causing 13 injuries and three fatalities.

On 6 July, a two-storey building collapsed in the Gomrok neighbourhood of west Alexandria, resulting in one fatality.

The Sidi Bishr neighbourhood in Alexandria experienced the deadliest collapse this year on 26 June, when a 13-storey building collapsed and killed ten people.