APC Chairman call Prayers For Governor Akeredolu’s Health


The Ondo State Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Ade Adetimehin has called on the citizens to pray for Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, who has been facing health issues recently.

Adetimehin has made a plea to the public during a speech in Akure, the state capital, on Sunday.

Adetimehin accused the opposition parties of using the governor’s health as a political tool.

He stressed that the priority should be the quick recovery of the governor.

“What all the people in the state need at present is prayers for the governor to recover quickly,” he said.

Despite concerns, Adetimehin assured the people that Governor Akeredolu’s health condition is not severe enough to prevent him from resuming his official duties as the state governor.

He said, “Some individuals and groups have taken it upon themselves to spread false news and rumors about his (Akeredolu’s) death. It is disheartening to see that some people would wish death upon a fellow human being. Such actions are unfair and should be condemned by all well-meaning individuals.

“The opposition has also been quick to malign the governor’s family, accusing them of not doing enough to take care of the governor’s illness. Such accusations are falsely disrespectful, flippant and callous.

“What Arakunrin Akeredolu and the family requires at this period is our support and prayers for the full recovery of their family patriarch. Arabinrin Betty Akeredolu and her children have been doing their best in taking care of the governor.

We must continue to pray for the governor’s recovery and stand by the family in these difficult times. Akeredolu is a good man who loves the downtrodden and deserves all the support and prayers for a full recovery from his illness.”