Aproko Doctor shares battle with brain tumour


Medical doctor and Nigerian influence, Chinonso Egemba, popularly known as Aproko Doctor, has opened up about his battle with a brain tumour.

He made this known in a video he shared via his Facebook page on Monday.

Aproko doctor captioned the video, “Throughout December 2022, I was fighting for my life. I went blind in one eye on the 3rd of December 2022 and on the 5th, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.”

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Speaking in the video, he said, “For the past three weeks or two weeks, I have been fighting for my life. Some of you have no idea. It happened that I was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma, which is a brain tumour, and I had no idea I would be sharing my story.

“Here I am sitting on this seat sharing my own story about how I had a tumour in my brain. It was so bad that I couldn’t read out of my phone anymore to the point where this eye, I couldn’t read with it and it was also closing. They said it is a craniopharyngioma and we need to do surgery to remove.