BBC Sex for Grade Saga: Ogechi Obi allegedly attempts Suicide


An undercover journalist, Ogechi Obi, who worked with Kiki Mordi to report the BBC Sex for Grade documentary has allegedly attempted suicide.

It was gathered that Ogechi has accused Kiki Mardi of taking all the credits, even though she (Ogechi) did most of the work.

Ogechi took to Twitter following the recent recognition Kiki Mordi was given yet again for the Sex For Grade Documentary. She asserted she came up with the idea and pitched it to BBC and Kiki was then brought in to do the reporting.

She lamented that Kiki has been receiving all the accolades while she has not been recognized.

Contrary to her claim, old tweets show that Kiki Mordi acknowledged Oge’s input and that of others involved in the success of the documentary.

Old tweets also revealed that BBC acknowledged Kemi Alabi, which is Ogechi’s real name. Ogechi Obi is reportedly the name she uses to go undercover.

She later shared a video on Twitter in which she was crying and captioned,

“Started reading newspapers as a pretend news anchor when I was just a little girl. All I wanted to do with my life was to be the next Christiane Amanpour or Anas Aremeyaw.

“Forgive me someday but it’s better this way.

Twitter users later revealed that she consumed a poisonous substance and started foaming in the mouth. She is reportedly recovering in the hospital now.