Benin Republic Lifts Suspension Of Transiting Goods To Niger


Benin Republic has lifted its suspension of imported goods transiting to Niger through the port of Cotonou.

The port’s director general said Wednesday, following five months of sanctions on the coup-hit country.

The West African regional bloc ECOWAS imposed sanctions on Niger following a coup on July 26 which saw the military oust elected leader Mohamed Bazoum.

The measures have led to the closure of the border with Benin, which has seen a fall in revenues after the transport of goods to Niger via its ports was halted.

“The measure relating to the suspension of imported goods destined for Niger at the port of Cotonou has been lifted,” said the port’s director general Bart Jozef Johan Van Eenoo.

The measure was taken “in view of the substantial improvement in the operational conditions for handling goods at the port of Cotonou, in particular the reduction in the rate of congestion,” he added.

The move comes almost a week after Benin President Patrice Talon called for relations to be swiftly re-established between his country and neighbouring Niger.

Both countries are also concerned about a giant oil pipeline that will allow Niger — one of the world’s poorest countries — to sell its crude on the international market for the first time, via the Benin port of Seme.