Borno: Nigerian Military Airstrikes Decimate Boko Haram Camp


In a powerful display of force, Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Super Tucano fighter jets have successfully eradicated a significant number of Boko Haram terrorists at the Ali Ngulde camp, situated in the Mandara Hills region of Gwoza Local Council, Borno State.

The airstrikes, executed with precision, targeted both the strategic human assets and material capabilities of the extremist group, including their hideout camp and high-ranking commanders.

Zagazola Makama, a counter-insurgency expert in the Lake Chad region, disclosed that a considerable number of terrorists met their demise on June 6, 2023, while others sought refuge in the caves of the Mandara Mountains.

Among the fleeing terrorists were Ngulde, the Amir Jaysh, and several other prominent Boko Haram commanders.

Makama further revealed the extensive damage inflicted on the camp, stating, “The fighter jets fired several bombs and destroyed over a dozen buildings.”

Additionally, a distinct red-roofed house, which concealed Ngulde, was targeted and set ablaze during the airstrikes, symbolizing a significant blow to the extremist organization.

Corroborating the operation’s success, a military source in Maiduguri confirmed that Ngulde and another individual named Muke managed to escape unscathed, while a substantial number of terrorists were neutralized.

The joint aerial and ground operations showcased meticulous coordination and resembled the recent military action taken against an Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) convoy in the Aulum-Kafa axis, resulting in the elimination of numerous terrorists and the destruction of two gun trucks.

Air Marshal Isiaka Oladayo Amao, the Chief of Air Staff, spearheaded the offensive Air Operation, codenamed Operation Warun III.

This comprehensive operation extends across multiple theaters of operation, with the air component of Operation Hadin Kai playing a crucial role in flushing out remnants of terrorists from the Sambisa forest and Mandara Hills.

Amao emphasized that Operation Warun III demonstrates the military’s unwavering commitment to provide robust air support for ongoing operations such as Operation Desert, Lake Sanity II, and Operation Mountain Sanity (OMS) in Gwoza.

The successful airstrikes against the Boko Haram camp serve as a significant blow to the extremist group, further weakening their capabilities and demonstrating the Nigerian military’s resolve in combating terrorism in the region.

The eradication of high-ranking commanders and the destruction of their infrastructure will undoubtedly disrupt the operations and planning of the terrorist organization, fostering increased security and stability in Borno State and beyond.