Borno State Government Bans Metal Scavenging


Borno State Governor, Babagana Umaru Zulum, on Monday, announced a total ban on metal scavenging in Borno State, following an immediate examination of the discovery of several metal fragments that were thought to be a component of government property.

Zulum made the announcement after large amounts of metal scraps were discovered while he was touring construction sites; a significant portion of them were thought to belong to the Federal Government and the government of Borno state.

He said “All those things are government properties. You can see street lights and communication towers. Such acts can sabotage the activities of state and Federal Governments.

“We can’t allow that to continue; I want to condemn it and announce the ban on metal scavenging in Borno till further notice. I will sign an executive order banning all forms of metal scavenging in Borno,”

The governor lamented that many scavengers have lost their lives to terrorists while trying to vandalise items from deserted communities adding that an executive order would subsequently be issued to that effect.