Brigade 444 Commander abducted, Tension grips Tripoli


In a disturbing turn of events, the city of Tripoli is experiencing heightened tension following the abduction of Musab Zreig, a senior commander from Brigade 444, a prominent military faction.

The epicenter of this unrest lies in the southern suburbs of Tripoli, particularly the Salah Al-Deen area, which serves as a stronghold for Brigade 444.

According to reliable security sources, Zreig was enjoying an outing with his family on the “Corniche of Tripoli,” located in the heart of the capital.

It was during this time that an armed group from the Special Deterrence Force (SDF) seized him and swiftly transported him to an undisclosed location.

The incident has led to an immediate mobilization of forces by Brigade 444, hinting at a potential escalation if the kidnapped senior commander is not released promptly.

Insiders familiar with the matter revealed that the SDF carried out the operation as a retaliatory measure following the arrest of Ahmed Al-Shaftari.

Al-Shaftari served as the driver for Mohammed Al-Kani, the notorious leader of the Al-Kani militia who is wanted by the Attorney General for multiple murders.

After fleeing Tarhouna in June 2020, Al-Kani sought refuge in eastern Libya, where his militia regrouped.

Al-Shaftari, upon his return from the eastern region, joined the SDF and was appointed as a battalion commander.

He was assigned the crucial task of establishing an SDF unit in Tarhouna.

The sources further disclosed that SDF-affiliated forces were deployed from Bani Walid and Tarhouna to Tripoli in response to Al-Shaftari’s arrest.

However, the road to the capital was obstructed by Brigade 444’s forces, resulting in an ongoing tense standoff between the two parties.

The situation remains highly volatile, with authorities closely monitoring developments as they strive to diffuse tensions and secure the safe return of Musab Zreig.