Buhari advises Nigerian Youths to behave themselves and ensure Security


The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has advised youths to behave themselves and make the country safe in order to attract investors.

The President stated this during an interview with Arise TV in which he discussed issues which bordered on insecurity, appointments, unemployment and the economy.

While speaking about the decline in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Buhari said he has told Governors and traditional rulers to tell the youths that they should behave themselves and make sure that Nigeria is secure so foreign investments can come.

According to him, nobody is going to invest in an unsecured environment. The President also alleged that young people wanted to march to Aso Rock during the #EndSARS protest and remove him from power.

Buhari said:

“This question was answered last year when there was the #EndSARS protest last year. You remember the young people that wanted to march here and remove me?

“Tell the young people to behave themselves and make the country safe, then we can attract real investors to the country”.

He also commented on Boko Haram attacks, saying that insurgency in Northern Nigeria is largely fuelled by youth unemployment and poverty. He affirmed that his government has done a lot to fight the terrorists, but the problem in the “North-East is very difficulty.”

Buhari further disclosed that he has given the military and police a marching order to be ruthless on bandits in the North-west and North-central zones of the country. He added that Nigerians will see the difference in the activities of the security agents as the country cannot afford another famine that could arise if the activities of the bandits are not checked.

The President said:

“People of the same culture killing each other, stealing each other’s cattle, as I said, we are going to treat them in a language they understand.

“We are going to give the police and the military power to be ruthless and you watch it, in a few weeks time, they will be different.”