CENI Cancels Votes Cast For 82 Candidates In DRC Elections


The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Electoral Commission (CENI) has voided the votes cast for 82 candidates who contested in the legislative and local council elections.

The commission said the cancellation of the votes cast for the 82 candidates was due to illegal activities which include fraud, illegal possession of voting material and intimidation.

The head of the Electoral Commission stated this on Friday. He said 12 candidates from the presidential party are listed, noting that the number exceeds 20 when adding candidates of political groups belonging to the ruling coalition.

According to the commission, 3 sitting ministers are named.

Recall that Congolese voted starting December 20 in concurrent presidential, parliamentary, and local polls.

In a statement released Saturday, main opposition candidates in the presidential election asked how, in a simultaneous election with a single ballot paper, fraud could not have affected the entire general election.

The CENI had announced on December 31st the re-election of incumbent president Felix Tshisekedi.

Also, a group of Christian churches has demanded an independent inquiry be opened into irregularities and alleged legal violations observed during the December general elections.