Cholera: Kogi records eight Deaths, 129 Cases


Kogi State Government confirmed on Wednesday that 129 cases of cholera and eight deaths have been recorded in five local government areas of the state.

According to a statement by the state Ministry of Health, cholera outbreak was recorded in Kogi, Bassa, Lokoja, Ankpa and Kabba-Bunu council areas.

Dr Austin Ojotu, the State Epidemiologist, who signed the statement, said that the cholera cases were recorded between February and August.

“Seven communities were affected in the aforementioned council areas with 129 cases,” Ojotu said in the statement.

He, however, explained that 66 of the cholera cases were recorded in three communities in Kogi, Lokoja and Ankpa local government areas where all the eighth deaths were also recorded.

“These are border communities with hard to reach terrains.

“It is important to mention at this point that most of the deaths have occurred before the reports got to the local government/state authorities.

“Our findings also revealed that majority of the deaths in all the outbreaks occurred at home,” the statement said.

The statement said that the state government had risen to the challenge by providing its response team with commodities and technical support.

According to Ojotu, the state is also working closely with the local government to avert further outbreaks by strengthening and sustaining community sensitisation and mobilisation.

“This is to ensure that communities adopt health safety measures such as good personal and environmental hygiene, washing of hands with soap and water after visiting the toilet,” he said.

The ministry then urged people with diarrhoea and vomiting to visit the nearest health facility as soon as they notice these symptoms.