Cholera Outbreak in Homa Bay: 25 Hospitalised


In a concerning development, a cholera outbreak has struck Sindo Township in Homa Bay county, resulting in the hospitalization of twenty-five individuals.

As the number of cases continues to rise, the government has emphasized the importance of maintaining personal hygiene to prevent further spread of the disease.

According to the county Health department, in the past three days, 25 people have been diagnosed with cholera at the Sindo market trading centre in Suba South constituency.

Four individuals were discharged from the hospital on Saturday evening, but the remaining twenty-one patients are still receiving treatment at Sindo Subcounty Hospital.

These individuals contracted the disease at Wadiang’a beach within the trading centre.

Kevin Osuri, the Health chief officer, stressed the significance of personal hygiene, particularly after using toilets, to halt the transmission of cholera.

He stated, “The department has confirmed 25 cases of cholera in Sindo town.

The patients are responding well to medication, but we ask residents to maintain cleanliness and curb the disease.”

To address the situation promptly, alerts have been issued to all subcounty health facilities, providing information on how to handle patients displaying symptoms of the disease when seeking medical attention.

Osuri urged residents to be vigilant and report any individuals exhibiting cholera symptoms.

Specifically, those experiencing diarrhea and vomiting should seek medical assistance without delay.

Recognizing the severity of the outbreak, a multi-agency team has been dispatched to contain further spread of cholera in the area.

The team will work towards implementing appropriate containment measures and providing necessary support.

Cholera is characterized by symptoms such as watery diarrhea and vomiting, often accompanied by high body temperature.

The Health department is closely monitoring cases at the household level and ensuring the implementation of effective containment measures for mitigation purposes.

Osuri cautioned, “Cholera can be fatal, and patients are encouraged to seek medication as quickly as possible.”

As a precautionary measure, isolation tents will be set up to handle patients affected by the disease, should the number of infections continue to rise.