Comedienne Helen Paul Studies to become Professor in USA


Helen Paul, a comedian, singer and an actress is presently studying to become professor in an undisclosed institution in America.

Paul, who is taking a postdoctoral degree in the United States of America bagged a PH.D in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos in 2019.

She became Nigeria’s first popular stand-up comedian to bag a Doctorate Degree.

As gathered by The Nation, a source disclosed, “Yes, Helen Paul has been shuttling between Nigerian and the US for some months now. While studying to become a Professor, she is also working as a lecturer in one of the institutions in the US.

“She is really an inspiration to this generation because combining these academic feats with her comedy career in Nigeria is no child’s play.”

Paul became well-known after appearing on one of PSquare’s hit songs, ‘Story’.
Thereafter, she launched herself on TV and got several film roles before securing the job of a co-host of Africa Magic popular lifestyle show, ‘Jara’.