Congo records increase in Voters Registration for December General Election


The electoral commission of Congo has announced that approximately 43.9 million voters have been registered for the upcoming general elections in December, compared to 40.4 million in the previous poll.

However, amidst the registration process, some opposition members have raised concerns about potential irregularities.

As the December 20 elections draw closer, political tension is mounting in Congo, with President Felix Tshisekedi anticipated to seek a second term.

Over the weekend, security forces deployed tear gas to disperse anti-government protests, where demonstrators echoed the complaints of opposition candidates regarding delays and alleged anomalies leading up to the vote.

In addition to political grievances, protesters expressed anger over the escalating cost of living and the rampant violence in the eastern regions.

In these areas, armed militia groups engage in conflicts over land and mineral resources, exacerbating the already challenging situation.

Insecurity has posed challenges to the voter registration process, rendering it impossible to enroll voters in certain areas.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) has acknowledged these difficulties and is actively seeking solutions.

Opposition leaders have expressed skepticism regarding the number of registered voters, particularly since the commission appointed its auditors to review the figures within a five-day timeframe.

The International Organisation of La Francophonie, which conducted an audit of the previous registration process in 2018, declined to cooperate with CENI this year due to the limited timeframe provided for the review.

A CENI official, who preferred to remain anonymous, assured that the audit process was meticulous and comprehensive.

Despite the skepticism, preparations for the December elections continue, and the electoral commission remains committed to ensuring a transparent and credible voting process.