Congo’s Court Confirms Felix Tshisekedi’s Victory In Presidential Poll


The Constitutional Court in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has confirmed President Felix Tshisekedi’s victory for a second term in office in the just concluded presidential elections held in December.

In its ruling on Tuesday, the court also rejected an appeal by a candidate who came in last to annul the results, while describing the petition filed by Theodore Ngoy to redo the vote as unfounded.

Recall that nine opposition candidates had signed a declaration in late December rejecting the results of the election and describing it as a “sham”.

The quadruple ballot had more than a 40% turnout with some 18 million people voting.

The final figures announced by the court on Tuesday differed only slightly from the provisional results that election officials had already made public.

The incumbent President, Felix Tshisekedi got 73.47 per cent of the vote and he would be sworn in at the end of January.