Country now ready for takeoff – Kenyan President asserts


President William Ruto asserted that the country is now ready for takeoff after slaying four pressing issues including halting planned borrowing of Sh300 billion by the last regime.

The head of state said he had to bring to an end incessant borrowing, extra judicial killing, misuse of government resources and abuse of state officers that were rampant in the last regime.

In the name of subsidies, the President disclosed that the country spent Sh34 billion and a further Sh8 billion for maize subsidies.

He said there were rampant withdrawals under Article 223 of billions of shillings, monies that ended up in people’s pockets.

“We must stop misusing taxpayers’ money through subsidies. Some people took advantage of Article 223 to get money,” he said.

Article 223 gives government leeway to spend money that has not been appropriated by Parliament, however the law requires Parliament to regularise the spending within two months after the withdrawal.

The President disclosed he had to bring the four issues to a closure during his first months in office as they were dangerous to the country.

“I had to stop unnecessary borrowing which was destroying our economy, that was my immediate task and stabilise the economy. The Sh300 billion that was to be borrowed we had to stop and plan our economy,” he said.

Ruto explained that the issues were draining the country and no meaningful development was possible unless a bold step was taken to address them.

“We used to hear of bodies being dumped in rivers and police officers were even involved. This had to stop,” he added.

“Today the country is on sound footing and we are now well prepared to take the country forward.”