Couple seeking Divorce fights over Bed in Court


A divorce-seeking couple appeared in a Shari’ah court in Kaduna fighting over who gets to take ownership of the bed which apparently belongs to the husband, Suleiman Atiku.

The woman identified as Halima Ahmad was said to have filed for divorce.

Suleiman, who is a correctional service officer, had earlier asked for the mattress before agreeing to her divorce request.

In his ruling, the judge asked Suleiman to give Halima N20,000 to enable her to buy a new mattress.

He further ordered him to pay N80,000 to his embattled wife to enable her to pay the debt she incurred during the period of their marriage.

Meanwhile, the respondent, who did not disclose her reason for seeking a divorce, told the court that she was ready to return her bride price to him.

Suleiman also informed the court that the mattress belonged to his first wife.

The judge adjourned the case until July 25 for ruling on the divorce application.