Covid-19: Kenyans Cautioned against Loosening Measures


Kenyan Ministry of Health cautions the nationals against being loose with coronavirus precautionary measures.

Mercy Mwangi, the cabinet assistant secretary said, ” There is need for us to step up our guard to ensure that we continue to strictly adhere to the containment measures as advised and reminding each and every one of us of those three measures which include washing our hands with soap and water, maintaining social distance and physical while avoiding gatherings and ensuring that we are able to the containment measures.”

She explained that, “We do take note of the emerging trends where we have gatherings amongst our communities and we continue to remind you all of the protocols when it comes to people aggregating together.”

She urged members of the public to stay away from places where the precautionary measures are not taken seriously. She emphasized that the maximum and allowed number of people in a social gathering is 100.
She also added that failure to adhere to the warnings will expose the country to more covid-19 cases.

The director general for health, Dr. Patrick Amoth stated that the virus was still very much in the country. He explained that in comparison to the 72% global reporting rate, Kenya runs low at the 64% which it is currently working with.
According to him, this is because the government has to get the data of everyone in the country, starting from the community level. The inability to do this has resulted in the lag being experienced in the reportage.

He affirmed that the trajectory curve is on a downward spiral. He, however cautioned that all guards should not be let down in order to avoid loosing the progress made over time.

Mercy Mwangi gave the warning while giving a daily briefing of the coronavirus cases. She reported that there were 48 new cases and 2 more deaths which made it a total of 624 deaths in the country. She also added that 176 people have recovered from the virus as at the time she was giving the report


Photo Source: AP