COVID 19: Logistics Haven Partners with Mama Moni Empowerment Foundation to give Hope to the Needy in Nigeria


By Adenike Fagbemi

The Chief Executive Officer of Logistics Haven, Obi John Opute revealed that the organization partnered with Mama Moni in order to give confidence to the average and hope to the needy.

The duo carried out COVID-19 relief programme all through the month of August, 2020.

The programme empowered various women in Amuwo-Odofin by helping some of them food relief items.

John Opute, the CEO of Logistics Haven opined that, “the average Nigerian cannot afford three square meal a day and the source of livelihood of this typical Nigerian depends on his or her freedom to work for a profit and earn a living through soft skills, trade and/or unsustainable service provisions.

“This is an avenue for the creative minded persons and institutions to think outside the box and come up with genuine ideas, skills and actions required for businesses and other opportunities to thrive.

“My biggest discovery is this- with the right guidance and will, more small scale businesses and ideas were birthed this period. Brands and businesses became equipped with scaling power, either via partnership, innovation, digitization, awareness, demand community, or simple exposure to source of start-up capital…name it.

“Logistics Haven Intl. has seen this futures and caught the vision. It therefore brought about the need to partner with Mama Moni in order to bring confidence to the average and hope to the needy, he explained.

Speaking about the aims of the outreach, John Opute said, “The Objectives are to piece together and put at ease the gap in livelihood of families, to fuel an adaptive chain reaction for development in the microsystem of society and the nation within individuals especially the home makers, i.e. the girl child and women in general who have been caught unawares by the negative effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Logistics Haven was simply carrying out its social responsibility. The unexpected COVID 19 pandemic brought alot of economy difficulties and financial challenges and we brought succour (in form of food relief materials) to the less privileged and the incapacitated as a result of the effects of deadly disease,” he added.

Nkem Okocha stated “Impacting this women’s life and helping low-income female entrepreneurs thrive is what I live for. This is because if these women have the financial capacity to cater for themselves and their children, they will be financially independent and break the circle of poverty.

She disclosed that Covid-19 brought about the need for more NGOs, “because a lot of people need help. We realized that the government alone cannot really help everyone. Therefore as expected more NGOs sprung up.”

Logistics Haven is an organization that has been in existence for about fifteen years and ever since has been in the business of carrying out the responsibility of safe and efficient movement of containerized goods. Some of which include: pick-up and delivery of inland goods, products, commodities, essential raw materials and/or industrial grade necessities from one strategic location to another via containerized boxes and trucks.