COVID-19: Police to Commence Curfew enforcement in Uganda



Ugandan police have declared that the COVID-19 curfew will be re-enforced in the nation with immediate effect.

This announcement was made by the spokesperson of the police, Fred Enanga who warned that all roadblocks and barriers on roads leading into and out of the city for the enforcement of the curfew are to be mounted again.

Enanga disclosed this while addressing the press at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala on Monday, October 12.

According to him, “all businesses that were suspended under the Covid-19 lockdown and have not been allowed to resume operating, must remain under lock and key.”

He said, “All those sectors under the lockdown remain under the lockdown – places like bars, open-air markets. What we have been realizing is that there are those sectors that have been stealthily operating and yet they are still under the lockdown. People are still sneaking going into bars, having public gatherings.

“Some of those markets that are not supposed to operate like those dealing in non-essential items have also come out. So we’re going to ensure that those sectors under the lockdown still remain under so,” said Enanga.

Enanga lamented that even some sectors that have been allowed to operate have been non-compliant to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that were issued out by the Ministry of Health and other security organs.

“What we have realized with the movement of public transport especially boda bodas is that most of them have ignored the 6 pm timing which was given to them and they are still continuing to operate and even carry passengers in a very reckless manner from 6 pm up to almost 11 pm you still find boda bodas plying along several routes.

“Now the same applies to all other motorists, all other businesses that are supposed to stop at 9 pm because the curfew starts at 9…we still find motorists who find themselves along the highway past 9 so this is going to change,” Enanga stated.

Enanga stated that all territorial commanders have been instructed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to tighten the enforcement mechanisms to curb the rapid spread of Covid-19 with effect from Tuesday, October 13.

Speaking about those that have been non-compliant with the standard of procedures, he revealed that they will all be blacklisted and locked up till further notice. As of Monday, Uganda has registered 9,864 COVID-19 cases, 94 deaths, and 6,109 recoveries.