COVID-19: Recoveries In Africa Cross One Million MARK


Over a million persons have recovered from COVID-19 in Africa, this, making the fight against the pandemic positive. This is according to the Africa Centre for Disease Control (Africa CDC).

The report by Africa CDC states that out of the 1,260,400 persons that have contracted the disease, 1,001,581 have recovered.

A further peep into the data from the Africa CDC shows that 30,065 have, however, died due to complications from the pandemic.

Five countries, the Africa Union (AU) agency said, contribute to 70 per cent of the COVID-19 cases on the continent.  They are South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

South Africa with over 630,000 confirmed cases account for half of Africa’s infections from the pandemic, the agency said.

As of Wednesday evening, Egypt has reported the second-highest number of infections on the continent so far – 99,115 cases –  with 5,440 deaths from the disease.

With over 54,000 cases, Nigeria has the third highest infections from COVID-19 and 1,027 deaths also confirmed, the Africa CDC said.

Photo Source: ThinkGlobal Health