COVID-19: Saudi Arabia shuts Movie theatres, halts dine-in services for 10 days


Saudi Arabia has shut down entertainment centres including cinemas and suspended dine-in services at restaurants for 10 days amid a spike in COVID-19 infections.

The kingdom suspended “all events and parties” including weddings in banquet halls or hotels for 30 days, the interior ministry said in a statement released by the official Saudi Press Agency.

It also halted “all entertainment activities” including cinemas and gaming parlours and suspended dine-in services in all restaurants and cafes for 10 days, it added, warning that the suspension could be extended.

According to the ministry, the measures, which was implemented by 10.00 pm on Thursday, February 4 are aimed at “preventing the outbreak of a second wave” of the pandemic.

It was gathered that the kingdom has recorded more than 365,000 cases and over 6,000 deaths from COVID-19 so far.