COVID-19: Zambia will not shut down the economy, President Lungu Affirms


President Edgar Lungu has affirmed that the government will not shut down the economy as a way of fighting the pandemic.

President Lungu revealed that others have called on him to impose a curfew, adding that this can not work unless people change their mindsets.

The President said that in the past some countries have shut down their economies and imposed curfews but this has not worked.

Meanwhile, the head of state said that preventing oneself from contracting Covid 19 is better than getting the vaccine for the disease because experts have not explained how long the vaccine will be in one’s body before the person can contract the virus.

President Lungu said that he was not in any way discrediting the vaccine but wants more information given out to the general public, adding that the best way to prevent the virus is by adhering to health measures such as wearing of masks and maintaining social distance.