Disarray scenes as heavy rains cause flooding on Takoradi-Tarkwa road


Commuters travelling along the Takoradi-Tarkwa route on Sunday faced a distressing ordeal as a section of the road near Saint Mary Boys Senior High School became flooded.

They were forced to walk for over an hour, wading through flooded areas from BEAHU to Apremdo in order to board vehicles to Takoradi.

In the midst of incessant rainfall throughout the day, commuters, some carrying their luggage on their armpits and heads, treacherously made their way through the flooded sections to reach their destinations. Unfortunately, even school buses carrying children were caught in the chaos, with some of the children becoming distressed as the journey home was delayed.

Parents and volunteers stepped in to carry children on their backs, helping them cross the “temporary river” to avoid any potential harm. These dedicated volunteers also guided commuters through dangerous stretches of the road.

The condition of the road, which resembled deep gullies, left hundreds of stranded vehicles unable to pass through the flooded area. Drivers were understandably hesitant to navigate the treacherous waters for fear of being washed away. Some of the commuters, including this reporter, took it upon themselves to guide the drivers on the best course of action to prevent them from being swept away by the raging floodwaters.

Residents of the area were seen navigating their way through the floodwaters to reach their homes, some attempting to salvage a few belongings.

The Saint Mary Boys Senior High School area has gained a notorious reputation among commuters as a flood-prone zone during the rainy season.

Travel from Takoradi to other parts of the Western Region, particularly Tarkwa, Sefwi Wiawso, Elubo, Axim, and Atuabo, was brought to a standstill due to the dire road conditions. Frustrated drivers expressed their grievances, citing the poor state of the road and the lack of a drainage system in the Apowa area as contributing factors to this recurring problem.

They said despite multiple appeals through their transport unions, no significant action has been taken to address the situation.

Some opportunistic drivers took advantage of the circumstances to charge exorbitant fares, much to the dismay of the already frustrated commuters.

Expressing disappointment, a German volunteer, Heize Karl, expressed hope that solutions would be found to address this recurring issue.

Most parts of the Western Region have experienced heavy rainfall for nearly a week, resulting in numerous communities, including Awusedjoe and Ayiem, being submerged. In low-lying areas near the Butre River, residents of Ewusedzoe had to seek shelter with family members residing in higher elevations.

The state of the Takoradi-Tarkwa road is beyond description, with potholes resembling deep gullies spanning from the stalled interchange to Awusedjoe. Drivers had to rely on their skills and expertise to navigate a road that was once a source of pride for the Western Region.