DR Congo: Policeman shoots Student for not wearing Mask


A Congolese policeman has allegedly shot a student who was not wearing a mask while filming on the streets of the capital.

A friend of the victim, Patient Odia, who was present at the confrontation told AFP, “Our friend Honore Shama, a student in the faculty of arts at the University of Kinshasa, was filming a video as part of his acting practical work requirement.”

“A policeman told him to wear a mask during the filming.

“Despite his (Shama’s) explanations and after having showed him a mask, the policeman, who was expecting to be offered money, became infuriated, accused him of resisting and shot him at point-blank range.”

Other witnesses told a similar story to the popular Top Congo radio as well as several online news sites.

According to AFP, the head of Kinshasa police, General Sylvano Kasongo, stated that the policeman responsible has fled and the city’s police are searching for him.