DR Congo’s Central Bank Seeks To Curb Dollar Dominance In Payments


The Central Bank of Congo (BCC) has mandated that all Electronic Payment Terminals (EPTs) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) only accept Congolese francs.

According to the Bank, the move is aimed to boost the use of the national currency and reduce reliance on the US dollar, which weakens the franc.

This measure, according to BCC aims to strengthen the use of the national currency and encourage the population to prefer it for everyday transactions of goods and services.

This initiative is part of a series of major reforms launched by Nicolas Kazadi, the former Minister of Finance, aimed at combating the dollarization of the economy and promoting financial inclusion.

Currently, only 13% of EPTs accept Congolese francs, favouring foreign currencies in the dollarized economy.

The BCC’s new policy supports previous measures requiring prices and state payments to be in the national currency.

Additionally, a “switch monétique” initiative will integrate all bank cards to streamline transactions, regardless of the issuing bank.

The Bank added that the policy aims to make dollar transactions more costly than those in francs, encouraging businesses and individuals to use the national currency.