Dr. Nevers Mumba Stands Firm on Zimbabwe Election Report


The Chairperson of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) observer mission, Dr. Nevers Mumba, has reiterated his support for the preliminary report on Zimbabwe’s recently concluded national elections. These elections saw incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa secure his position as the nation’s leader.

In the SADC report, Dr. Mumba’s team highlighted various concerns, including voting delays, the banning of opposition rallies, and biased state media coverage during the electoral process. However, this report drew criticism from both within and outside Zimbabwe.

Appearing on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview, Dr. Mumba remained resolute in his defense of the report, emphasizing that individuals are free to challenge it through legal means.

The former Republican Vice President of Zambia clarified that the report he presented on the Zimbabwe elections was not a personal account but rather a reflection of the findings of the SADC observer mission. He stressed that the SADC mission operates in accordance with established protocols and guidelines and does not take sides in electoral matters.

“When we go into a country, we do not observe elections as individuals but as representatives of SADC,” Dr. Mumba asserted. “The task of the SADC observer mission was to audit the election. I never sided with Chamisa,” he added, referring to the losing opposition presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa.

Dr. Mumba concluded by affirming the integrity of the report, stating that it adhered to SADC’s guidelines and principles. He expressed his unwavering commitment to fairness and justice, highlighting the mission’s dedication to carrying out its role with integrity.