Drama As Madagascar Govt Denies Oppositions Rally


No fewer than eleven presidential candidates was denied holding a pre-campaign launch rally at the Palais des Sports in the capital Antannanarivo in Madagascar.

This is coming, following the applicants trials to seize the High Constitutional Court regarding President Rajoelina’s relinquishing his functions to seek another term.

It was gathered that the magistrates of the High Constitutional Court rejected their request.

“The candidates’ collective wanted to find out about the palace’s new programs so that we could use it in the next few days. But unfortunately, we were prevented from doing so by the forces of law and order. And so, if there’s no room for us to express ourselves, well, we’ll go to the public square where everyone has expressed themselves, to save democracy in Madagascar,” expressed Hajo Andrianainarivelo, presidential candidate.

The decisions of the HCC and the resignation of the president are not contrary to the Malagasy constitution, according to the according to the constitutional authority.

“It’s not just the fact that some are allowed into the palace to hold meetings and others are not. It’s not fair at all. There’s a sense of inequality about the situation. But there’s nothing we can do about it,” added Jean Michael Badade, supporters of the 11 candidates.

Eleven of the thirteen candidates were received, Tuesday evening, by the heads of the Church of the Big Island.

Meanwhile, the army has been placed on orange alert, and verbal passes between the eleven official candidates and the outgoing president confirm rising tensions amid the upcoming presidential election.