Drought: Four people starve to death in Eastern Equatorial State


​Not less than four people have reportedly starved to death in Kapoeta East County of Eastern Equatoria State.

Kapoeta East County Commissioner, Abdallah Angelo Lokeno said part of the county is in serious need of humanitarian aid following a prolonged drought that has hit most parts of the county.

“The death toll may increase if the government doesn’t remedy the situation,” Lokeno said.

The worst affected areas, according to Lokeno are Kessengor and Lopeat Payams.

The two payams are predominantly occupied by Jie tribe.

“Four people have already died of hunger in the last week,” Lokeno told City Review in an interview.

Lokeno appealed to the humanitarian organization to quickly intervene and rescue helpless citizens who are battling hunger fangs.

Meanwhile, he warned of a possible outbreak of other diseases like kwashiorkor in young children.