EFF Zimbabwe leader Innocent Ndibali endorses Mnangagwa for President


EFF Zimbabwe President and aspiring Member of Parliament for the Lobengula-Magwegwe Constituency, Innocent Ndibali, announced the party’s controversial endorsement of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the upcoming August 2023 elections during a “Meet the Candidate” series held at Magwegwe Hall on Thursday.

Addressing the audience of constituents and party supporters at the event organized by the National Youth Development Trust, Ndibali staunchly defended the party’s decision to support Mnangagwa’s bid for another term which got an applause from ZANU PF supporters.

Ndibali went on to attempt to rationalize the party’s choice, emphasizing notions of stability and continuity in leadership, particularly at a time of undeniable turmoil.

Critics argue that this unexpected move undermines the EFF Zimbabwe party’s purported commitment to change and reform. Ndibali’s assertion that the party aligns with Mnangagwa’s administration on crucial issues like healthcare, education, and job creation has been met with derision by those who point to the government’s track record of unfulfilled promises.

Political analysts and a certain section of Lobengula-Magwegwe residents have voiced their concerns over the party’s sudden shift in allegiance, with some openly questioning Ndibali’s motives and the party’s commitment to its original ideals.

As the “Meet the Candidate” series continues, Ndibali faces an uphill battle in convincing his constituents of the wisdom behind the party’s endorsement of Mnangagwa. Skepticism is rife, and many are demanding transparent explanations for this unexpected pivot.