Egypt President Confirms Third Term Bid


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi on Monday confirmed he will run for a new term in elections scheduled for December.

The president announced his candidacy at the end of a three-day national conference called the “Story of Homeland” attended by the country’s leading politicians and broadcast by Egypt’s Extra News television channel, which has close ties to Egyptian security agencies.

“I have decided to nominate myself to you to complete the dream of a new presidential term,” el-Sissi said as the conference’s attendees cheered and clapped.

Egypt will hold a presidential election over three days on December 10-12, with a runoff on Jan. 8-10 if no candidate secures more than 50% of the vote.

“I promise you, God willing, that it will be an extension of our common quest for the sake of Egypt and its people,” el-Sissi said.

Egypt’s presidential election will take place in December, rather than in the spring of 2024 as the Constitution allows, a deadline shortened by economic considerations in the country caught between inflation and devaluation, according to observers.

Meanwhile, a handful of politicians have already announced their bids to run for the country’s highest post, Among the challengers is Ahmed Altantawy, a former lawmaker and critic of the current government.