Egypt Presidential Poll: Officials Commence Votes Counting


Counting of votes began in Egypt on Tuesday evening after polls closed at 7PM GMT.

Some 67 million Egyptians were registered to cast a ballot in the presidential election.

State newspaper Al-Ahram reported that the National Elections Authority, which is responsible for organising the poll, recorded an “unprecedented” turnout.

The turnout stood at 41% in the 2018 election.

Former army chief Abdelfattah El-Sissi is running against three relative unknowns: Farid Zahran, leader of the left-leaning Egyptian Social Democratic Party; Abdel-Sanad Yamama, from the Wafd and Hazem Omar, from the Republican People’s Party.

Vote in Egypt started on Sunday while Egyptian expatriates cast their ballot in early December.

The cost of living is a top priority for many voters who have had their savings slashed in an economic crisis worsened by devaluation of the official currency.

Foreign policy, in the wake of the Israeli offensive in the neighbouring Gaza as well as the humanitarian crisis it has induced is also a top concern for some.

Results of the presidential polls will be announced on Monday (Dec.18) .

A runoff scheduled for Jan. 8-10 if no candidate secures more than 50% of the vote.

However, observers expect Sisi to secure a third term.