Egypt to Issue Five-Year Entry Visa to Boost Tourism


Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Issa, has announced a government plan to revive tourism in Egypt.

The package of measures includes a decision to facilitate the entry of Iranian and Turkish tourists into the country, as well as the issuance of a five-year multi-use visa worth $700.

The move is aimed at attracting more foreign tourists to Egypt and facilitating their movement within the country.

According to Issa, the new visa policy is part of the government’s efforts to make Egypt a more attractive destination for tourists.

He stated, “We intend to issue a five-year multi-use visa, and soon its activation will be announced.”

The visa is expected to help boost inbound tourism to Egypt, which saw an improvement in January and February of this year, with a 30 percent increase in tourist arrivals compared to the same period last year.

Issa also mentioned that the government has decided to facilitate the entry of Iranian tourists to certain parts of the country, including the city of Sharm el-Sheikh in southern Sinai.

However, there are certain controls and conditions that need to be met. Iranian tourists will be required to obtain visas upon their arrival at the airports in southern Sinai through tourist groups organized by companies that coordinate in advance with the Egyptian side.

Despite the decline in the number of tourists from Russia and Ukraine due to the war, Issa said that there has been a significant increase in tourists from America, France, Italy, and Britain.

The move to issue a five-year entry visa and facilitate the entry of Iranian and Turkish tourists is expected to further boost Egypt’s tourism industry.