Elderly Couple Brutally Tortured, Burned Alive in Farm Attack


In a shocking and horrifying incident, an elderly couple was subjected to brutal torture and set ablaze while still alive during a farm attack near Ohrigstad in Limpopo over the weekend.

According to authorities, Anneke Claassen (73) and Hennie Claassen (77) fell victim to a savage assault at Klipfontein farm, located near the Echo Caves outside Ohrigstad, Limpopo.

The couple endured unimaginable torment before being tragically set on fire while they were still alive, leaving them with fatal injuries.

Anneke’s son, Jan-Daniël Claasen, revealed to Netwerk24 that his mother was overpowered by two or three armed assailants who forcibly dragged her to a passage where she was set ablaze while still conscious. The severity of her burns left her unrecognizable.

Meanwhile, Hennie was held captive in a separate farmhouse and locked in a room by the attacker before the assailant ignited the premises, trapping him inside.

The motive behind this brutal act of murder remains unknown, and no arrests have been made thus far.

Expressing outrage and condemnation, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, the Limpopo SAPS commissioner, denounced the merciless attack and subsequent killings, urging anyone with information to come forward and contact the police.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

In response to this appalling incident, the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) has voiced its strongest condemnation. Marcelle Maritz, the party’s provincial leader, emphasized the urgent need for heightened security measures and effective crime-fighting strategies in the country.

The FF Plus has taken swift action, engaging with relevant parties and initiating an extensive search for the suspects to ensure justice is served.

Furthermore, the party has committed to visiting the grieving family on Tuesday, 6 June, to provide support and offer condolences during this devastating time.

Maritz also stressed the importance of communities coming together to demonstrate their dedication to personal safety and the well-being of all residents.

This senseless act of violence has once again underscored the pressing need for collective efforts to combat crime effectively.