Elders should speak words of peace and hope, not war, HURIWA tells Senator Bulkachuwa


Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy Group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has carpeted the Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa over his infantile but provocative statement threatening that the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration will wage war on South East of Nigeria over the activities of some Igbo youths clamouring for self-government.

The Rights group has also resolved to send letters to International Embassies in Nigeria to demand a travel ban to be imposed on Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa for issuing the hate message which may inevitably result in unleashing of hate crimes against Igbo speaking people all over the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We will be writing to the United States of America; United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany and all significant embassies in Nigeria to put them on notice that Senator Bulkachuwa is attempting to instigate war crime of genocide against the Igbo speaking Nationality of Nigeria.”

HURIWA recalled that the Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa had declared that the Nigerian Government will not bow to the demands of those he described as ‘insurgents’ in the South East.

HURIWA in a statement signed by the National Coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko in Abuja quoted the Senator as threatening war on South East of Nigeria thus: “the Southeast had tried separating from the country before which resulted to a civil war, wondering if they (South East) want to take the same route again, warning that Nigerian government will have no choice. According to him, the government will fight them and give them what they want.

HURIWA added that the Senator made the following hate speeches against South East: “There are people who feel democracy is not good enough for them and they want to devise their means of belonging to this entity called Nigeria and if they don’t have their wish, they’ll let Nigeria go to pieces,” he said on Channels Television.“So is that anything that the constitution allows or encourages? So they’re absolutely outside the realm of the constitution.

They’re just rebels, arsonists and criminals in short. So, what are we going to consider to even give them a chance to come and say their wish and let Nigeria tremble and bow before them and say ‘okay, we’ve granted you your wish.’

Those insurgencies in the Southeast, they’re all claiming that they want their own country called Biafra right? If that is the case, is it by killing people that they’ll get their country? They’ve tried it before, do they want us to go back to the same route? I don’t think so. But if they do, if that’s what they choose, has Nigeria got any choice? Will we just allow them, bow and say, ‘we’ll grant you your wish?’ No. Nigerian government has to stand out, fight them and give them what they want.”

However, HURIWA lambasted Senator Bulkachuwa and asked him to cover his old face in shame for speaking of bloodshed at such a very advanced age when elders in his era are expected to speak only about Peace, National reconciliation, Nation-building and Unity instead of preaching war hatred and genocide at his very advanced age.

“Senator Bukachuwa did not speak like a distinguished parliamentarian but like a warmonger and just like a little child. At his age can he still carry AK-47? Why are the old people who are privilege to have benefitted from Nigeria the persons at the forefronts of seeking to destroy Nigeria? What is his gain if war breaks out and his children will have to get involved in the war?”., HURIWA  asked.

HURIWA similarly has condemned the federal government for treating the Kaduna based Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmed Gumi like a sacred cow even when he has on many occasions actively encouraged Islamic terrorists who are engaged in kidnapping students.

HURIWA stated: “Can we tell Sheikh Gumi that there is no good terrorist or kidnappers and so for him to Canvass the recruitment of terrorists to fight other terrorists is direct support for terrorism which merits immediate arrest and prosecution under the anti-terrorism Act which is a law in Nigeria. It is unfortunate that we have a Federal government that see nothing wrong with someone holding meetings with and speaking for terrorists as if he is above the law.”