English mother other unveils her stunning post-divorce transformation after quitting her 18-year marriage


A 42-year-old mother took to social media to show her quite glaring transformation after she got divorced.

Emma Sheppard, 42, from Blackpool, England, ended things with her husband of 18 years in 2020. According to Emma, her busy life as a wife had left her unhappy.

Two years later, Emma says she has turned her life around. The mum-of-two joined a gym and ditched junk food, instead eating healthy meals she cooks at home.

She also started going out again and set up an account on Tinder. Emma revealed she has since received loads of attention from men.

She said: “I looked old empty and drained, but now I’m living my best life. I’m happy and I look completely different.”

Emma, who tied the knot in 2000 at aged 22, said: “I’d married for life. It was him, the girls and work. I felt I’d got it all sorted.”